How Fraudsters Use Amazon Cloud To Create False Web Traffic

If you, or your company, own a website, then you know that the key to the success of that website is traffic. Internet traffic is the holy grail, without it, you might as well set up shop in the middle of the desert.

Internet marketers always strive to understand how web traffic works and more importantly, use this knowledge to drive more traffic to particular site. It is such an important aspect of online businesses that companies exist with the sole the purpose of offering potential customers their expertise and send more traffic to their sites. This industry is such that it is difficult to offer any recommendation as to what exactly constitutes expertise, and how much you should pay for it. It’s a number’s game. If an internet marketing you’ve hired brings you qualified traffic (which leads to actual purchases), then, provided your profit margin is such that you can afford to pay for this expertise, chances are you will have hired the “right” internet marketing company. Often times, it’s only after you’ve invested your hard earned cash that will know whether you made the right choice.

Experts or not, most internet specialists work to exploit their knowledge in ways that doesn’t break any law. In the search engine industry for example, this has lead to a dance whereby search engines introduce new algorithms, which in turn we try to understand, adapt to, and then to our own benefits. It’s a dance alright and it is even called like that in the search engine industry:  The Google Dance.

Internet traffic doesn’t come only through search engines.  It is estimated that social media platforms generate more traffic than the king itself, google, but if you want traffic, and you are prepared to buy it, then web ads, placed in high traffic website can generate a lot of traffic as well. There are people who specialize in that niche as well. It can be costly, the kind of traffic you might eventually receive might not generate enough business, but it is entirely above board.

But just like any other aspect of online business, there are those of us who want to work without breaking any rule and then there are others, who really don’t mind bending the rule, and sometimes even employ illegal means to generate traffic.

These individual use specialized “bots” to create traffic and disseminate it over the Web. If you don’t know what a bot is, you can learn all about it Bots.

Of course, the bots these people use works differently in that they mimic the actions of real consumers and trick marketers into paying for ads displayed on Web pages. Various techniques are used to generate artificial traffic, such as infecting consumers personal  computers with software that load web pages without their knowledge.  Or, even better, install similar software on cloud computing services such as Amazon to simulate real users.

Be cautious out there.

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