If you are not using the power of wordpress, now is the time to consider this incredible platform that has taken the web by storm and is doing it time and again.

WordPress is an Open Source project which means that it’s completely FREE! Added to that the practically unlimited number of plugins, themes, widgets and more and what you have is a gift that keep on giving…

Remember, all this power will cost you a grand total of… Nothing.

All you will need is your own domain, and a reliable hosting company.

Next on your list will of course be excellent content, articles that will engage your readers, provide them with value and hopefully help them with any service or product you think they will benefit from.

But whilst installing a WordPress blog is easy for most people, it can be daunting for some who perhaps might feel overwhelmed by all of this and are about to experience this brand new world for the first time.

If you already have an HTML site, and wish to convert it to WordPress then we can of course help you!

Our price for this conversion is $499 but it could be less or more depending on the number of pages you will need to convert, their sizes, the number of images, videos and other items such as the existence of tags (keywords) that will need to be added to your posts.

So what do you get for $499?

  • Creation of a WordPress database on your own server. (This new site will reside in a temporary url (yoursite.com/temp) which means that you existing site will only be taken offline once the new wordpress site is ready)
  • Thesis theme – A $87 single site license (theme of choice for webmaster professional)
  • Transfer of all your existing pages to either pages or posts in your new blog, including any embedded images or videos
  • Installation of navigational system to mirror that in existence in your current site
  • A 4 hours email support from me which you can use after your site is online. Duration of this support is 60 days after your new blog is online.