There are many reasons why a site might not rank well with the search engine.  These reasons include:

  • The age of your site
  • Whether your site is an authority in its field
  • The links that come from other authority sites
  • The quality of your content
  • The overall value to your readers
  • and many more….

One reason for poor ranking is also inadequate Search engine Optimization (SEO).  This is by far the first cause of poor ranking and whilst not the only one, it is not an area you ought to neglect if you are serious about bringing traffic to your site.

Our SEO Overhaul is a comprehensive package which offers an ideal method to get your internet marketing campaign back on tracks.

Our price for SEO Overhall is $799 and takes me an average of 15 hours to complete.  (Less than $55 an hour)

So what do you get for $799?

First I will ask you to provide me with a list of the 10 keywords or phases you want to rank for.  Once I have this list, my work will include:

  • Analysis of these keywords and their relevance to your market (In other words, are you sure these 10 phrases are the right ones to bring your site the traffic you need to make sales.
  • Competitiveness.  Some phrases are much more difficult to rank for than others.  Is your choice of keywords appropriate in terms of ranking feasibility.
  • I will help you establish a new list if needed
  • I will provide explicit recommendation for the inclusion relevant meta keywords/phrases.
  • I will analyses at least 10 of your pages and provide you with explicit recommendation so that your article/content is relevant to the keyword/key phrases you want to rank for.
  • I will provide you with at least 5 long tail (secondary) key phrases for each one of your initial 10 keyword/phrase.  Total 50 key phrases.