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Premium Web Site Design $599

$599 All in one Website Design


A Website Brimming With Features

This is to a website what a Ferrari is to a car.

My $599 All in One Web Design Package is for those of you who need a substantial website but don’t want to empty their pocket.  Make no mistake… Other agencies routinely charge upwards of $2500 for similar designs and they hit you with monthly fees.

Not me.  For $599, I’ll design a gorgeous site with full on page SEO, and addons that will make your online presence stand out. It’s by far my most complete web design deal and you can even add a Facebook and Twitter banner if you want to start with a blast

Let’s Get Started

– What’s included in my $599 Website Design Package

First I start with the baslide-home-2-5.pngsic $99 design

Basic Website Package

This is the ideal starting point for anyone looking for a simple, yet professional online presence.

But don’t let the price deceive you. I’ll design a site for you with plenty of scope for expansion. As you business grows, so will your website.

I’ll take care of the design, and will incorporate the content your provide me with. (Up to 5 pages)

One Customized Header

You need your customers to see what your website is all about as soon as they get in.

Research shows that the average time spent on a page is less than 10 seconds. A Customized header, will provide important information at a glance.

A streamline Contact Form

I will include a contact form in one of your pages where you will be able to collect information such as the name, email address, phone number and message from your prospective customers. This form will of course be submitted to an email of your choice.

Customized pages

I will publish any content you provide me (article) to a maximum of 4 pages.  I will be happy to include one picture and or graphic in the body of each page.  (Provided by you)

Choice of Layout

You can choose between three layouts. For example full page widths, or a sidebar on the left or on the right.

Site Navigation Menu

Choose where you want your navigation menu. Either on top of the page, or on either of the sidebars.

Footer are the Bottom of each Page

Whether a website is viewed on a desktop, laptop or any type of electronic device such a smart phone or a tablet, the footer is the last thing a customer sees when scrolling down a page. It is an opportunity to remind your visitor of what you do and give them one more option to contact you.


More Pages

I will set your site with a minimum of 10 pages.  Given that there are no minimum to the number of pages you can add later, the opportunity for growth are limitless.  Of course you can choose the title of each one of your pages.  Or select from the list below:

1) Home
2) About Us
3) Services
4) Products
5) Gallery
6) Contact Us
7) Terms


etc...  Use names that are relevant to your industry like.

- Really Tasty Pasta Recipes
- Quick and easy loans for students on a budget

or even..


-> Awesome Web Design

A FREE Graphical Header ($99 value)

This is a professionally designed banner which I am giving you for FREE. You save an average of $99 depending of the complexity of the design.


A Picture Gallery

You give me your pictures, I will lay them out for you in a gorgeous portfolio type page

FREE onpage SEO ($799 value)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and focuses on increasing a site's visibility so that search engines will not only understand what a page is all about, but most importantly give that page a prominent ranking in their search results.  SEO plays an important role in the numerous search engine algorithms. (You are probably reading this page because you saw my site on Google, Bing etc...)

1 Year FREE Hosting (70 value)

Good hosting is the back bone of a website. Lost of companies provide hosting services, but the ones that are reliable are far and between. A good hosting company is one that not only provides near uninterrupted service, but one which also offers superior customer service when technical support is needed. I act a a preferred web developer for one such company and will include a full year hosting when you sign up for my premium web design package.


  1. I have packed this offer with so many addons and for that price, I could not possibly add anything else. This is not one of those cheap offers out there where all you get is a generic design.  This is a highly customized design that meets all the needs of the average small businesses. Of course, any design can be improved upon by way of features (for example an online web store etc…) and I will be more than happy to discuss your more pressing needs with you, at the time of your choosing. My services are cheap, not just for my design packages but for any ad hoc web development work I am asked to do.
  2. The hosting company I use in this package is HOSTGATORIt is my company of choice for good reasons: they are excelling at what they do. My price of $599 includes hosting for a full year.  At the end of which you will have the option of either renewing the hosting with me or directly with Hostgator.  Please not that I cannot provide any discount should you already have a hosting company lined up for your website.
  3. The sooner you email me your content (articles, images etc…) the faster I can get to work on your design and the faster I can get it done.



1 - Contact Me

Even though you can choose the package that you need from my website, it is important that we talk so that I may learn about your business and design a website that you will like. Contact me HERE or even better, give me a call at 954.217.1047. My working hours are Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM.

2 - Show me examples of sites you like

Whilst my $99 web design is designed as a startup, I can draw inspiration and ideas from other sites you like and incorporate them into your own design even if the original structure of the website you show me is beyond the scope of this offer.

3 - Place Your Order

I run a small but busy web development agency.  As an agency, we lack the man power of some larger companies, but we more than make up for it in the quality of our work.

Between the 5 of us we handle all our work on a first come, first served basis and so it is important that you email me your order as soon as possible.

Because this is my agency, I am the main developer on each and every job we do, and delegate according to the task at hand.  Graphic design for example is handled by an expert designer, so is video editing, social media engagement and so forth.

Orders are made through Paypal.

4 - Get your Domain Name

As soon as I receive your order, I will send you an email with a list of things to do to get your web design going. For example, you will need to register your domain name with Godaddy (stay away from all the extras!) and you will need to get yourself a hosting account.  If you take heed of my recommendation and create an account with Hostgator Web Hosting, I will need the login info so that I may set you up.

If for some reason you decide to choose another host provider, I may need to have access to their control panel (most reputable hosting companies do).

5 - Send me Your Content

Let me know what names you would like each page of your site to have. A common choice is "Home", "Services", "Testimonials", "About Us" etc...

Please make sure to email the content for each page, including images and or graphics if you have any.

It is important to mention at this stage that I will rely on you to provide me with all relevant information, such as your articles, login information for your host etc... so that I may start working.

6 - Preview Your Design

As soon as you have completed all the previous steps, I will start working on your site and you may not hear from me during the design process.

As soon as I have a site completed for your to review I will send you the address so that you may preview your site. Take a few days, make notes and I will then make all minor adjustments you will require.  There shouldn't be a whole lot of corrections to be made since by that time, I will have learned enough from you to have a pretty good handle on your needs. Please understand that minor modifications mean exactly that... Major modifications such as "my boss prefers another design", or "I have changed my mind and want a different package" will incur additional charges.

Once I have made all the updates, I will then publish your pre-approved design LIVE to your domain.

7 - You OWN the Site

Yes I know... Why do I even put this here?  Well the reason is simple.  Many of the companies who offer "cheap web site design",(you probably have seen their ads on TV), not only will charge you a monthly fee (I call it rent)  but they also keep the design for themselves.

As soon as I publish your design into your domain, the site will yours.  This means that you can do with it as please... as long as you renew your domain name each year and you keep your hosting arrangements.

Other Agencies charge over $2500 for similar designs

  • Premium Design Package

  • $599
  • Up to 10 Page WordPress
  • Fully Responsive
  • 1 Contact Form
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Customize Graphical Banner ($99 value)
  • Picture Gallery (Your Pics)
  • Free On Page SEO ($799 value)
  • Social Media Icons
  • 1 Year FREE Hosting ($70 value)
  • Premium Design + FB Banner

  • $649
  • Up to 10 Page WordPress
  • Fully Responsive
  • 1 Contact Form
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Customize Graphical Banner ($99 value)
  • Picture Gallery (Your Pics)
  • Free On Page SEO ($799 value)
  • Social Media Icons
  • 1 Year FREE Hosting ($70 value)
  • 1 FB Banner